Effective Friday 10/1/2021, admission to our shows will require proof of a full dose (2 shots of Moderna/Pfizer, or 1 shot of Johnson & Johnson) of a COVID-19 Vaccination or a Negative COVID-19 Test within the previous 72 hours.
Proof can be in the form of either your physical COVID-19 vaccination card or a photo on your phone.


Face masks will still be required while inside the venue.
Per the St. Louis City health department mandate, face coverings are required to be worn when inside public places, by those 5 years and older, regardless of COVID-19 vaccination status. Effective face coverings must completely cover the nose and mouth and must be worn at all times unless actively consuming food or beverage. Face shields, gaiters and bandanas are not acceptable as primary face coverings.

Thank you for your continued cooperation and support.

Gift Cards

A message from the owner:

“Hello friends. These are certainly interesting times and things are changing fast. We’ve had many shows cancelled and expect there to be more to come. We’ve been closed for the past week and everything is cancelled at least until the 28th of March. The bottom is not in sight. No shows means no income for the business and our family of employees. We’re not alone in this predicament. Musicians, tech and service people, venues across the city are feeling it. So are our brothers and sisters in the food and beverage industry. People have asked what they can do to help. One way is gift certificates. A source of income can be pretty helpful right now and help us all ride the storm out until better days. It’s the music that brings us together. Let’s stay safe. And let’s stay together. We love you St Louis music people!” – Steve Pohlman


We are so thankful to have the love of our loyal concert goers during these moments of uncertainty. The entertainment industry as a whole has been a little shaken the past few weeks, and independent venues like ours rely so much on the continued support of our city and patrons.

Whether something you wanted to see was postponed, or you just want to show support for our venue, we are now offering gift cards towards future tickets! It may be a while until things return to normal, but we can’t wait to see you all again soon.

Grab yours here:

It’s a rough time for live music lovers, but we’ll still be here when everything calms down.

Rock and roll lives on.