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Venue Info

Unless noted otherwise, all shows are General Admission. There is some seating in the balcony and lots of standing room closer to the stage. There is extra seating available for specific shows. Check the show listings for details.


If you are a band interested on playing Off Broadway, please contact

Advancing your Show

If you need to advance an upcoming show, contact Shows are to be advanced no less than 48 hours prior to show night.

Production Info

Our House sound system for full concerts is:


  • Console: Allen & Heath GLD80
  • Tops: Stereo bi-amped EAW ASR 600
  • Subs: Mono JBL SRX 218 (x2)
  • Processing: Dbx Driverack 260 (Not adjustable, please.)
  • Power: QSC RMX series


  • Cabs: QSC K12, QSC HPR 122i (x2), EAW SM-129, Yamaha SM 115v + custom 18″ sub (Drum fill)
  • Power: EV CPS2 (Yamaha and EAW), QSC RMX 4050 (Drum fill sub)


  • SM58 (x3)
  • Beta 58 (x3)
  • Beta 87 (x2)
  • Sm57 (x5)
  • E609 (x4)
  • D112
  • D6
  • Beta 91
  • St31 SDB (x2)
  • E604 – clip on (x3)
  • I5
  • Audio-Tecnica SDC (model number has worn off)
  • Passive DI boxes (x7)
  • Audix D-series drum mics – clip on (x2)
  • Passive DI box (x7)


  • Chauvet SlimPar Tri7 (x12)
  • 25x13x2 – No drum riser


Media List


88.1 FM KDHX 
St. Louis Community Radio

90.7 KWMU 
St. Louis Public Radio
3651 Olive St.

89.1 FM KCLC
Lindenwood University Radio
209 S. Kingshighway
St. Charles, MO 63301

90.3 FM KWUR
Washington University Radio

KSLU Internet Radio
St. Louis University Radio

UMSL Radio
University of Missouri St. Louis

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Record Stores

Vintage Vinyl
6610 Delmar Blvd
St Louis, MO 63130

Euclid Records
601 E Lockwood Ave
St Louis, MO 63119

Record Exchange
320 Hampton Ave
St Louis, MO 63109